Three cost-effective watches recommended

When TV, magazines, digital media, and large advertising spaces in the streets are all occupied by rich brands, we often have no choice to ignore those brands that still insist on making watches and do well. These brands Usually there are not too many advertisements, so many people do not understand them. Today, we want to bring a few watch brands that are not very expensive but are sincere.

Except for offline counters, we rarely have the opportunity to see this brand, so many people are not familiar with this brand. Certina is a brand that I think is very cost-effective. Unfortunately, many people in China do not know it. Because the brand does not advertise, the brand is not well-known, but Certina watches are very sincere in my opinion. Yes, in the case of the same configuration, its price is the lowest in the Swatch Group, and its design also has the taste of big names,replica watches especially the tortoise behind the Certina diving watch, which is very personal. I recommend the sports version of Certina, which is generous, stylish and inexpensive. This watch should be available at around 5500. It has DS dual insurance technology and is waterproof to 200 meters. It is ISO certified. If you can see it at the counter, you might as well try it. It is very suitable for summer wear and resistant to manufacturing.

Titoni Watch, a brand that was once famous in China, has fallen to the point that young people have never heard of this brand. Titoni has always been regarded as a sincere and affordable watch. It was once regarded as a symbol of Swiss watches by the Chinese. The quality of Titoni has long been heard, the workmanship is unambiguous, and the movement is not just bought and used, and it is usually used by the watch factory. Process again. Reluctant to merge into a large group, and still maintain the family business.fake watches But from the point of view of the watch itself, it feels pretty good because I have tried it in the store many times, and the price is more sincere than other brands. The only regret is that the watch has fewer styles and a little design. Too mature, not suitable for young people.

Raymond Weil, also a Swiss family-owned brand, does not have many advertisements, so many people are not familiar with it. However, it is undeniable that Raymond Weil is a watch brand with its own design and insistence. Respect for tradition and orthodox European aesthetics. Although it does not make the movement independently, the brand itself still strictly controls the movement. At the same time, if you have tried it on, the weight of Raymond Weil watches is heavier than that of ordinary brands. This is the embodiment of the cast steel process of its case, and the materials are sufficient.